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Cloud Service For Media

Media files can take up to 80% of your data storage resources.  Content creators and companies alike have seen an ever-increasing need for secure and reliable cloud storage.

We’ve pioneered a smart and affordable solution to securely store and access unlimited amounts of footage, project assets and audio files on-demand.

On-Demand Streaming

“We have a rule at CCS – say no to buffering.”

View your media files again and again without any interruptions. Simply upload a file to our cloud, where it can be accessed and shared instantly to colleagues and clients with a click of a button.  Say goodbye to long email chains.

CCS supports 100s of media formats including SD, HD, 4K, WAV and mp3.
Media Discovery

We believe in giving our customers the freedom to discover and organize their data. With our Smart Filters feature, you can pinpoint any image in seconds.

How’s this possible?  Our technology will digest and analyze the content of any file uploaded, allowing you the capability to search by quality, camera type, location, date and size.  You can even search by dominant color.

Archive & Instant Access

Secure file protection and accessibility without breaking the bank is pivotal.  That’s why we’ve combined Cold and Hot storage.  

Our Tribrid Storage technology provides a low-cost solution to store your valuable content.  You can archive your media assets for a lifetime and retrieve them instantly. With CCS, you get the best of both worlds.

Photo Detection

We’re elevating image discovery to a whole new level.  CCS users can now discover images by the objects that appear within them. Search things like ‘cup’, ‘phone’, ‘laptop’ and ‘friend’, and our technology will accurately display the results.

This feature, which isn’t available in traditional backup services, is designed to process millions of photos automatically and at a low cost.
Innovative & Instant Search

Given the fast-paced nature of the industry, it’s easy to forget what day it is.  So, remembering filenames can often prove a challenge.  What if you could search documents by content? With CCS, you can find a planning document, invoice or presentation by simply entering a keyword or phrase.

With our OCR technology, scanned PDFs, TIFF and jpeg images will be searchable – supported in 22 languages.
User Defined Tagging

Reference and organize your files the simple way.  Developing campaigns is part of the media business.  Along with that comes an array of project files, videos, banners and documents that need to be saved together.  Our tagging function allows you to use one or multiple tags to group your data for instant retrieval.

RAW Media Files

CCS supports RAW formats whether it’s videos or photos.  This high quality data is automatically analyzed giving you immediate and super-fast access.

RAW videos are transcoded into smaller editions to ensure instant streaming from your laptop or mobiles.

With CCS, you have the choice to store RAW data on either Hot or Cold Storage, giving you the ability to save on costs and still benefit from instant access.
User Management Tracking

With enterprise-level security, you can now track views, shares, deletions and searches from any user on your account.  This is to prevent any unauthorized access.
Share Securely

Whether it’s an album, screenplay or project for a client, CCS allows you to share media file, with anyone you choose and they can view it on-demand from any device connected to the Internet.

Any newly produced footage from your external devices will be automatically backed up with our service without any intervention.
Mobile Friendly

Protect all files from any device.  You can login via your smartphone, tablet or laptop and all your data will be analyzed, organised, and indexed within our advanced architecture without impacting the performance of your device.

What are the benefits of using Computer Cloud Service?


Since there’s no need for hardware infrastructure or third-party software licenses, healthcare organizations can significantly reduce up-front capital expenditures.


Organizations of all sizes can easily scale as they grow, leveraging the cloud to store as much data as needed, while minimizing the impact on IT departments and without capital expenditures.


The consequences to losing a file can be catastrophic.  Computer Cloud Service is designed to prevent data loss.  With data centers in multiple locations, you can rest easy knowing that Computer Cloud Service is securing your data.

Ease of use

No more technical distractions. Focus on creating amazing content. You don’t need to have a PHD in cloud technology.  The platform is made with simplicity.


Cloud-based solutions improve the ability to recover data in the event of disaster. because data is stored securely offsite, and can be retrieved when required.

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