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Cloud Service For Dental

Information governance is paramount to dental practices that are required to record, keep and maintain accurate medical records.

Protecting this data is easier than you think.   Any file uploaded to CCS is protected by military-grade encryption, meaning you can continue to focus on patient satisfaction.  CCS is also HIPAA compliant.

Discover Files Quickly

Quickly search all medical files, including scanned documents to locate patient records.  You can also tag all relevant cases together and CCS will display all data related to the case.
X-Ray Preview

CCS supports DCM file format, which enables you to preview all of your X-Ray images without having to leave the platform.  

You can also share images with colleagues in just a few clicks.
HIPAA Compliance

We’ve implemented a number of safety measures to ensure your patient’s confidentiality remains intact.  Your patients not only trust you to protect their teeth, but also their personal data.

That’s why any file uploaded to CCS is protected with military-grade encryption (256-AES).  You can rest easy knowing that your valuable data assets are safe.
Data Retention

With CCS, you can specify how long you need to keep patient records and the platform will automatically remove old documents to keep your data storage costs minimized.
User Access Control

All sensitive data remain securely within your control.  All access to files is based on permissions set by the administrator.

Additionally, you can specify delete and download permissions.
Easy To Use

You don’t need to be an IT technician to use CCS.  Our intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use, eliminating the need for a dedicated IT department.
Automatic Backup

Continuous protection for all of your patient files from all servers and computers.
Undo Human Error

CCS is designed to keep data safely protected for life. If by accident, a file is deleted, it can be retrieved easily with a notification sent to the administrator.

What are the benefits of using Computer Cloud Service?


Since there’s no need for hardware infrastructure or third-party software licenses, healthcare organizations can significantly reduce up-front capital expenditures.


Organizations of all sizes can easily scale as they grow, leveraging the cloud to store as much data as needed, while minimizing the impact on IT departments and without capital expenditures.


The consequences to losing a file can be catastrophic.  Computer Cloud Service is designed to prevent data loss.  With data centers in multiple locations, you can rest easy knowing that Computer Cloud Service is securing your data.

Ease of use

No more technical distractions. Focus on creating amazing content. You don’t need to have a PHD in cloud technology.  The platform is made with simplicity.


Cloud-based solutions improve the ability to recover data in the event of disaster. because data is stored securely offsite, and can be retrieved when required.

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