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Cloud Service For CCTV

There are over 400 million surveillance cameras installed worldwide.  The amount of footage captured by these cameras poses challenges for storage requirements and accessibility.  

CCS provides the most intuitive, cost-effective solution to fulfill retention and storage needs.

Instant Streaming

View your surveillance videos without any interruptions.  Upload any SD, HD, 2K, 4K video and CCS will create an optimized version, making it readily available to stream.

We even archive the original file into Cold Storage automatically.
CCTV File Formats

All file formats are supported and can be backed up securely to the platform.  With each video stored, image previews of camera snapshots are available.

Frame By Frame Preview

The days of sitting through hours of footage to get the frame you need, are over.

CCS extracts fragments of each video providing a summary, making it easy for users to simply hover over any part of a video to get a preview.


CCS provides complete transparency and protection for organizations by recording all searches, views, downloads and deletes.

You can specifically pinpoint the exact time and date any video was accessed to quickly identify potential breaches or threats.
Mobile Friendly

Our technology gives you the ability to perform instant searches, preview videos and send any file to any smart device.  All from a secure and reliable platform.
Reduce Costs

Our top priority is to save you money, whilst keeping your valuable data assets safe, secure and accessible.  

CCS eliminates the need for costly IT resources such as on-premise over-priced storage equipment.  You’ll only need to pay for the on-demand secure storage you need.
Transparent Data Retention Policies

Whether you prefer to automate retention periods or manage manually, you’ll be in full control of exactly how long your media footage is archived for.
Undo Human Error

CCS is designed to keep data safely protected for life. If by accident, a file is deleted, it can be retrieved easily with a notification sent to the administrator.

What are the benefits of using Computer Cloud Service?


Since there’s no need for hardware infrastructure or third-party software licenses, healthcare organizations can significantly reduce up-front capital expenditures.


Organizations of all sizes can easily scale as they grow, leveraging the cloud to store as much data as needed, while minimizing the impact on IT departments and without capital expenditures.


The consequences to losing a file can be catastrophic.  Computer Cloud Service is designed to prevent data loss.  With data centers in multiple locations, you can rest easy knowing that Computer Cloud Service is securing your data.

Ease of use

No more technical distractions. Focus on creating amazing content. You don’t need to have a PHD in cloud technology.  The platform is made with simplicity.


Cloud-based solutions improve the ability to recover data in the event of disaster. because data is stored securely offsite, and can be retrieved when required.

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